The Crazy Website

The Crazy Website is a scary funny story about a strange and weird site on the Internet that has scary stories and unintended consequences for its users.

One day, a boy was browsing the Internet when he came across a crazy website that had a lot of scary stories and urban legends. He wanted to leave a comment on one of the stories, so he joined the website and decided to call himself Devil666. Almost immediately, he began to receive private messages from anonymous people, saying “All praise the dark lord” and “We love you satan”. He was so frightened that he logged off the website and unplugged his Internet connection.

The next day, a group of satanists showed up at his house. They forced their way inside, bowed down in front of the boy and started worshipping him. After that, they killed his parents and sat around the house, smoking, drinking and eating everything in the fridge. When night fell, they put on black robes, lit some black candles and began reciting prayers backwards. The boy grew horns, pointy ears and a tail and started to smell like sulfur.

A teenage girl tried to register on the website as Unidentified_Victim. An hour later, several serial killers showed up at her house and had an argument about who was going to kill her.

A fight ensued and the serial killers began hacking and stabbing eachother.
While they were occupied, the girl took the opportunity to flee, but as she was running across the road, she was mowed down by a car. The police managed to scrape her bloody remains off the street, but because she wasn’t carrying a wallet, they didn’t know who she was or where she lived. They buried her in an unmarked grave and, for the rest of their lives, her parents wondered where she was.

Another young girl who found the website gave herself the nickname ClownLover14. Within minutes, a gang of clowns were waiting outside her front door. When she refused to let them in, they started peeking in the mailbox, drooling at the mouth and telling her how cute she was. Her mother called the police and most of the clowns were arrested. However, the next day, when she was on her way to school, a big black van pulled over and blocked her path. She tried to run, but a fat, hairy clown got out and chased after her. He abducted her and, a few days later, her dead body was found by the side of the road.

A married man joined the website and, for some reason, he called himself JoannaCutie. All of a sudden, he started receiving creepy messages from 13-year old boys who were flirting with him.

He needed to go to the toilet, but when he walked into the bathroom and caught sight of himself in the mirror, he was horrified. He had long blond hair and an ample bosom.

He immediately ran into the kitchen to tell his wife. The minute she laid eyes on him, she attacked him and started screaming, “I knew he was cheating on me!” He tried to explain, but she slapped his face and pulled his hair. After a while, the two women sat down at the kitchen table, drank a bottle of wine together and cried bitterly about how terrible men were.

After that, whenever people joined the website, they thought very carefully before choosing a username.

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