Mimi Choi’s amazing makeup optical illusions

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Mimi Choi,31,Is a well-known face makeup artist from Vancouver in the Canadian province of British Columbia, that creates incredible optical illusions using only make-up.

Mimi uses a paintbrush and just a few products from drugstore brand makeups.

Having been a Montessori teacher before becoming a student of Blanche Macdonald’s Global Makeup program, Mimi worked at CurliQue.

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Talking about her decision to change careers, Mimi said “I felt like my creativity was suppressed.
I enjoyed teaching but I wasn’t completely happy. I needed a new challenge.”

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“I’ve always been arty and had done bridal makeup before, which people really liked. I’d not done anything as crazy as the work I do now, though,” she added.

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Mimi often uses herself as a guinea pig, saying: “My face is a blank canvas where I can practice my art.”

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“I take my inspiration from everywhere. If a woman is wearing a coat with a funky pattern on it, I think I’ll do that on my face.
I try to find beauty in everything.”

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After attempting a few designs, Mimi showed them to her family who encouraged her to pursue the interest. And the former teacher now has many followers on Instagram.

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Mimi Choi is candid about her struggles with issues like anxiety and sleep paralysis, and uses her skills as a make-up artist to express her emotions to her fans.

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