The Logbar ili instant translator

ili wearable translator is a small and portable translator to make foreign travel much easier.

Ili is from Japanese company Logbar.

To translate a conversation, you press the button and talk into ili. When you release the button, it translates a phrase back to you in your choosen language through a speaker. it has instant translation (at fast as 0.2 sec).

It does not require an internet connection.
Ili contains a powerful CPU and optimized travel software that comes with a massive library of useful travel phrases. It supposedly lets you translate up to 50,000 words and phrases.

There are 5 different versions available.
At the moment, the supported languages are English to Spanish, English to Japanese, English to Chinese, Chinese to English and Chinese to Japanese. the next step is to add Ili translation support for Korean and Thai. Also French is in the future.
You can add more output languages later by simply connecting it to your your PC with at least Windows 10. (Price per new language hasn’t been set yet. )

The company unveiled its product at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show, its representatives showed off the device but did not actually use it.
Ili promised big things without giving attendees a fully functional demo.

The ili translator release date is to be in June 2017, ili is now accepting a limited number of early users. If you are interested in buying one, go to their website here.

Not sure how good it really works, since they would not let anyone test it at the Consumer Electronics Show.

So before you buy, you really need to research it real good.

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