Girl, 16, died in her sleep after drinking incredibly cheap cider

A schoolgirl died in her sleep after drinking super-strength – and super cheap – cider.

Megan Craig-Wilkinson, 16, was found dead by her horrified mother the morning after drinking Frosty Jack’s cider for the first time.
Mum Joanne Good, 38, is now planning to lobby MPs to change the law and no longer allow retailers to sell alcohol at pocket money prices.
Megan, from North Tyneside tried Frosty Jack’s during a New Year’s Eve party. When she got home her concerned mum put her in the recovery position and she lay in bed and stayed with her until she fell asleep.

The teen died due to pulmonary aspiration, when the contents of the stomach flood the lungs and she ‘dry drowned’.

Joanne, also mum to Aidan, 16, Amelia, 10 and Hannah, eight, was completely unaware her daughter had been drinking such a high level of alcohol.
The contents of a three-litre bottle of Frosty Jacks equates to 22 shots, but it can be bought for the pocket money-friendly price of £3.50 – less than 20p per unit.
The grieving mother is now planning to call on MPs to change the laws surrounding alcohol. She has been invited to speak at the House of Commons tomorrow.
Joanne told the Mirror: ‘Megan is giving me the energy to go ahead and do this. She was totally unique, a one-off, not the typical 16-year-old – she would go out to the shops in her onesie, with her hair up, she did not worry about how people perceived her, as long as she was happy in herself, that was all that mattered.’

‘Teenagers and young adults need to know how dangerous it can be. You see them buying it or looking for it in corner shops. It has been going on for generations. Under 18s are not supposed to buy it, but they do get their hands on it and it is so dangerous.’

Aston Manor, the firm who produce Frost Jack’s is the largest independent cider maker in the UK.
A spokesperson for the company said: ‘Firstly I would like to pass on our sincere condolences to Megan’s family and friends for their devastating loss. We completely understand why Joanne has decided to campaign for an end to the misery caused by alcohol misuse.
‘We’re ready and willing to work with all interested parties to seek effective solutions to what is often a complex problem.
‘As a drinks producer we cannot control retail prices.

We are also not present at the point of purchase so cannot control who alcohol is sold to but we recognise the consistent downward trend in under-aged consumption.

‘Any form of alcohol is capable of being misused. We believe it is unfair to level unwarranted criticism at specific brands. For a product like Frosty Jack’s, there is a great deal of mythology in terms of its consumer base and occasions when enjoyed.’

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