16 what are those unknown things for

If you notice some items have something on them that you don’t know what it is there for. And most often you just think it was just designed that way. Here are 16 everyday items that you will be surprised to what those unknown things are really for.

1. The loop on the back of some button-down shirts:

shirt loop
It was introduced in the 1960s so that the garment could be hung up on ‘locker pegs’ to avoid creasing in the absence of a hanger. It also used to be customary in American universities for men to snip off the loop to indicate they were in a relationship and thus off the market.

2. The hole in the lid of ballpoint pen:

ball point pen lid hole
A lot of people think the hole in the cap of a ballpoint pen is there to keep the pen from drying out, or that it’s there to keep a pressure balance that prevents the pen from leaking. The real reason it’s there is to lower the risk of suffocation. If a small child was chewing on the cap and choked on it, the hole keeps their airway from closing up entirely.

3. Tic Tac Lid:

tic tac lid
Maybe you’ve noticed the little indentation on the lid of a package of Tic Tacs before and figured it was there to tightly seal the container, right? Well, it also serves as a dispenser that gives you one Tic Tac at a time.

4. Aluminum foil or plastic wrap box tabs:

Ever tried to rip a piece of aluminum foil or plastic wrap, only to have the whole roll fall out. Next time you’re in this predicament, look at the sides of the box. There’s little tabs that you can pop into both sides and helps keep the roll held in the box.

5. Why is one side of a bobby pin bent into a zigzag?

bobby pen
The grooved side is the bottom of the pin and should face toward the scalp. The grooves help the hairpin hold the hair better.

6. 57 on Heinz bottle:

According to the Heinz website: ‘To release ketchup faster from a glass bottle, apply a firm tap to the sweet spot at the neck of the bottle – the 57. Only 11 per cent of people know this.

7. Airplane window holes:

That little hole is there for two reasons.The first reason is to compensate for air pressure. When the plane climbs to cruising altitude, there’s a huge pressure difference between the inside and outside of the plane. The hole is there to regulate some of that difference so that the outer window doesn’t have to do all the work.
The other reason is that it prevents the windows from fogging up.

8. What are those little holes in Converse All Stars there for?

holes in Converse All Stars
The main reason they’re there is the most obvious one: ventilation. But some people think that because Converse All Stars were originally made as basketball shoes, laces could be looped through the extra holes for a snugger fit.

9. The little disc under the lid of a plastic bottle:

bottle cap
Have you ever pried one of them out and found that your bottle still closes fine? What purpose could they possibly serve then?
They’re there to create a seal that keeps EVERYTHING in that bottle, both liquid and carbonation. Without it, that soda would go flat in no time.

10. The bobble on the top stcking cap:

bobble_on_the_top_of_stocking cap
These sorts of hats were originally more function than form – to protect sailors’ heads from getting bashed when they crouched under things

11. Ever notice a little hole in the bottom of a padlock?

That little hole is there for a few reasons. The first is that it lets water drain out of the lock if you’re using it outdoors, so it won’t rust in the rain or freeze and break in the winter. The hole can also be used to oil the lock to keep it working well.

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